2021 Partners

Agnes Gund
Susan and David Rockefeller
Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III

Monique Bär
Kelly and Jim Hallman
Melony and Adam Lewis
Dede McMahon
Regina K. and John Scully
Jean and Tim Weiss

Konica Minolta

Bloomberg Philanthropies
Barbara Cohn
Sydney Davis
Katharine Farley and Jerry Speyer
Angela and Stephen Kilcullen
Andrew Sabin
Samriti and Scott Seltzer
Larry and Linda Weiss
Leslie and Robert Zemeckis
Mercedes Zobel

Adelaide Horton and John Fraley

Daria and Anderson Pew
Christopher Buck and Hara Schwartz
Deborah Buck and Miguel Oliveira
Vin Cipolla and Celine McDonald
Carolyn and Chris Groobey
Marion Hunt
Elias Sacal
Jean Sung
Jennifer and Gordon Wangers

Diana Cohn
María Eugeina Girón

2021 Underwriters