Plastic in the oceans is expected to outweigh fish by 2050. Oceana is actively working to stop this—but we need your help.

Recycling alone is not enough to solve the plastics crisis—we must reduce the amount of single-use plastic being produced and discarded. Your support helps us engage companies to adopt ocean-friendly alternatives.

We hope you’ll join us at Oceana’s New York Gala —together we’ll combat the plague of ocean plastic.




Xav Marseille

Originally from France, Xav moved to the U.K. at the age of eighteen, after leaving Art school and life in Paris. His work often draws on these two cultures, producing images that can sometimes be gritty, often shocking, yet humorous at the same time. He has many diverse inspirations but his favourite artists include then likes of Robert Williams, David Hockney, and the incredible Andy Warhol.

Using his love for photography and self-taught editing techniques, he has, in the last few years, started to create some striking digital artwork, which he likes to think of  as thought-provoking, modern and different.

Living on a boat has inspired some of his most recent pieces and he felt it would be interesting to use his art to raise awareness of how plastic pollution is affecting our seas and oceans, in a way that everyone could understand.