Dr. Richard Firshein, known as “The Longevity King,” will design a HEAL (Health Extension and Longevity) anti-aging program exclusively for you. Using your DNA, he will conduct telomere length evaluation, food allergy and sensitivity testing, nutritional analysis, gut biome profile, hormone evaluation, and a vitamin/toxic exposure analysis to create a customized diet and nutrition and anti-aging plan. Your custom-designed program will include vitamin supplements and skin care products designed to prevent, eliminate, and reverse the signs and effects of aging. You will also receive a platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment. Dr. Firshein offers the opportunity to achieve optimal health and longevity using the latest technology and medical advancements.

Dr. Firshein is board-certified in family medicine, and the leading authority in the fields of integrative, anti-aging, and precision-based medicine. At the Firshein Center in New York City, he uses cutting-edge, DNA-based, diagnostic, nutritional, gut biome, and allergy-based testing to create customized longevity and anti-aging protocols for his patients. He recommends “nutraceutical” treatments using customized vitamin supplements and an individualized dietary approach.

Dr. Firshein is also the author of The Nutraceutical Revolution, the Vitamin Prescription for Life, Reversing Asthma and Your Asthma Free Child. His groundbreaking approach to medicine has been featured on numerous television shows and in magazine articles, including CBS Morning News, CNBC, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country.

Value: $10,000

Generously donated by Dr. Richard Firshein