Private and Exclusive Whale Watching Experience with Whale Expert Dr. Arthur H. Kopelman

Get up close and personal with the whales of the Great Southern Channel with ecologist and whale expert Dr. Arthur Kopelman who has over 30 years of experience with these majestic marine mammals.

Dr. Kopelman has been monitoring the local whale and seal populations for so long that he knows some of the regulars by name. This area is a playground for 19 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises, as well as four species of seals.

Meet in Montauk, for the start of your overnight excursion. Board Above the Ground for your voyage to the historic whaling port of Nantucket to explore all this “Faraway Land” has to offer; cobblestone streets, idyllic Main Street and award-winning restaurants. Overnight accommodations will be provided in Nantucket.

Day two of your excursion begins with an early morning departure where you will sail aboard Above the Ground to the Great Southern Channel for an incredible day spent with the whales. 

Kopelman is a population ecologist whose research interests, since 1987, include the population dynamics and feeding ecology of fin and humpback whales of New York and New England; and since 1995, the population dynamics of harbor, grey, harp and hooded seals of NY. He received his Ph.D. in Biology in 1982 from The Graduate School and University Center of CUNY.

  • Name of Boat:  Above the Ground
  • Docked at:  Montauk Yacht Club
  • Passengers: 6 maximum
  • Dates: Valid for mutually agreed upon dates in June, July or August 2019
  • Accommodation will be provided in Nantucket

Value: $35,000

Generously Donated by Andrew Sabin

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